Company Profile

EFICAZ GROUP comprises of a team of Seasoned Business Professionals, attorneys and former Government officials offering companies the opportunity to expand their businesses, various projects and new technologies beyond their boundaries. The company evolved from the network of group of experts, when key members recognized the potential of combining their diversified business talents and individual projects and trading expertise in multiple areas of global marketplace. Eficaz Group projects and import-export trade for all products & commodities are strategically positioned globally to coordinate the acquisition and distribution of a vast array of products, goods and services worldwide in the global marketplace. For those in search of various sources to meet the current needs, our reputable suppliers and buyers have a significant presence in the international marketplace. We are also into manufacturing the products and end to end sourcing for key raw materials used in our various industries. The high integrity and solid relationships that Eficaz Group maintains with its suppliers, enables us to offer our clients extremely competitive pricing on the products and bulk commodities and at the same time, high quality products with the required specifications from any nook and corner of the world.

If you are considering contract manufacturing, selling or purchasing products in the global market, Eficaz Group team can efficiently assess the readiness, marketability and distribution options in multiple prospective international markets.

The company is well structured to provide a solid foundation for the future of inspiring projects that demand funding schemes with the relevant cultural flexibility to suit the relevant local conditions.

Our Motto of Smart Partnership

Eficaz Group plans to synergize the available resources by venturing into specialized fields with our technical expertise and financial capabilities and enter into smart partnerships with others to achieve this aim.

This smart partnership program with selected companies will further enhance our capabilities and potential for success, therefore, Eficaz Group has packed a unique and realistic operational system for the benefit of the whole global society at large under a steadfast agenda of providing steady funding, more cost productive and efficient development and constructional approach based on a win-win situation for all parties involved with us.

Our pioneering spirit, professionalism and knowledge of regional markets set us apart from the competition. With a network strategically located around the world, you can be assured of our unwavering commitment in assisting you with your international business affairs. Our group is an innovative and creative association of multi-disciplined experts spanning all corners of the world. Our collective aim is to provide real and workable solutions and required products and services in order to help our clients achieve maximum benefits, whilst reducing business costs. There are two things for which you can rely on Eficaz Group of Companies - High professional standards and the ability to deliver sustainable quality in everything we do.

Sharing our Vision

Eficaz Group shares the vision of striving towards technological excellence in the field of Solar Power Projects, Wind Power Plants, Waste Management & LED lighting projects.



• We dedicate to provide a caring, enriching and rewarding environment for our consumers & our employees.

• We dedicate to constantly introduce unique products that improve quality of life and well-being. We actively listen to our customers, to understand their changing needs and provide them with excellent, value-for-money products & services.



EFICAZ GROUP was launched in Singapore initially as an export & import and contract manufacturing company and later diversified in many other businesses. Over the years, the challenges in the field of business Industry have been unprecedented. In keeping with rapid growth, Eficaz Group stretched itself to cover new boundaries and responded effectively to the long-term need of the business industry.

We started a new way of doing business and expanded our horizon to cover backward integration in addition to export & Import and contract manufacturing of commodity products , we diversified in Aviation Projects, Advanced Cosmetic Technology, General Commodities trading, Hotel Amenities, Project Investment and Acquisition, Petroleum Products & Services, Real Estate Projects, LED Lights, Solar & Green Power Projects, Product Development and branding, Turnkey Project Management, waste management projects in the Environment Sector. We grew with a selective choice of new investments. Eficaz Group is now a leader in many fields with several enterprises involved in diverse businesses.

We fully understand and appreciate the scale of our corporate social responsibility that requires our Group to strive for a better quality of life for an average consumer. Our R&D investment and outlays on new consumer ventures have remained extremely strong.

We take pride in the fact that over the period of time with co-operation of our global business partners and clientele, we have achieved meaningful gains in strength as well as goodwill. We do not strive to be the market leader for glory, but we aim to be at the center as far as quality and prices is concerned.

Today EFICAZ is a "Group of Companies" with several different organizations and has presently become one of the leading business conglomerates. Through a series of new ventures, organic growth and an entrepreneurial leadership, the Group is engaged in many prestigious projects.

Let me assure you that Eficaz Group will strive to ever match the global need to enhance the quality of our products & services and will evolve into new heights for the Group. Our vivid understanding of market dynamics will help us in the attainment of these goals.