Eco Housing

EFICAZ GROUP, with in-house core strength and expertise in planning, engineering, designing, developing, implementation, management including financing of development in mass ECO housing, we aim to deliver total One Stop Turnkey Solution for integrating Design, Build, Finance, Manage and transfer to our clients.

Working together with our associates and business partners, our operations cover Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, East Timor, Indo China, Vietnam and elsewhere.

Speed, Cost effectiveness, safety, energy saving, Green building, financial solution and workability, are our main essence and focus.

We assist our clients with the cost and works planning, feasibility study, analyzing, execution, financing, implementation of development especially in Mass ECO Housings programmed in countries especially those under developing. Our construction system package does not require heavy equipment and only require normal labor and is therefore most suitable in countries under developing where cost of equipment are high and cheap labor only are available.

Eficaz Group - Low Cost Housing Presentation - Download pdf [Right click and SAVE AS]


* We provide one stop fast track feasibility study, design, planning, engineering, and implementation of the projects.

* We are able to shorten the process time and completions of project by 20 - 40%.

* We are able to complete a construction area of 10000 sq. ft. in 5 working days yet using Unskilled Labor only.

Cost effectiveness

* Our speedy Progressive System formwork is effectively 50% of the cost of conventional system.

* Our JM mechanical steel splice system save 89-91% of the weight of conventional lapping system. And can possibly provide an overall 6 - 9.5 % saving of total steel content of the structure.


* Our Cost Effective System formwork and our structure design are carefully and professionally designed with top consideration on safety aspects without compromise.

Energy saving / Green building

* Our substantial steel saving means helps huge deduction of carbon emissions on the earth thus providing Green buildings.

* We provide special Isothermal coating treatment to external wall with possibility of cutting down 6~10-degree C on the indoor temperature from the outside temperature thus reduce as substantially as 50% power of the usage of fans and air conditioners.

* We provide EficazLED lighting solution in the building that save more than 50% of the cost of electricity and also save more than 50% carbon emissions.


* Where necessary and required, we assist the Client and provide with comprehensive and Turnkey financial package to fulfil the need of the projects.